No Kisses For Mama
    When Vinnie & Vanilla Chinchilla get into mischief, Mama punishes
    them.  Mama is mean, so there will be no kisses for Mama. Find out
    what Vinnie and Vanilla learn.

    This story is beautifully illustrated by Jeanne Macejko. To see more
    of Jeanne's illustrations, visit her at
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    No Kisses for Mama
    Stay By Me
    Mama Duck insists that her six ducklings stay by her, but each one has
    something else they want to do. Find out what that is, and what
    happens when Papa Duck shows up.

    Jeanne Macejko has once again created delightful illustrations.
    Visit her at:
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    This story is available in hard copy or on Kindle. Stay By Me