Fields of Fire - Excerpt
Copyright 2018 Carol A. Caldwell All rights reserved.
    The coach, with two militiamen in the drivers’ seat, immediately stopped.  One
jumped down and, almost before his feet landed, pulled a saber from its sheath.  He
pointed it first at Taylor, then at her, and then back at Taylor again.
    “Ye’re both under arrest for murder,” he said as a greeting.  His gaze wandered
up and down Jalene’s body.
    “What?  You can’t be serious,” Taylor said.
    “We’ve harmed no one!  We are victims ourselves,” she added.
    “Aye, and me cousin is King George.  I know all about ye two,” said the dragoon,
his saber not having faltered in his hand the entire time.
    “This is absurd.  Where are our weapons?  Why would we be waiting for you, only
to get caught?  Does this woman look like she’s ever fired a weapon?” Taylor asked
incredulously, losing patience by the second.
    With his eyes fixed on Jalene’s face, the dragoon said, “Nay, but a gentleman
witnessed the killings.”
    “What gentleman?  What you talking about?” Taylor demanded, quite annoyed.  
They should have been well on their way to Dublin by now.
    “Playing dumb ye are, but I’ll humor ye.  A gent traveling down the road heard
shots, so hid himself from view.  He saw what happened.  Ye two killed me fellow
dragoons, and the driver as well so yer partner could save his mistress from
    “You fool!” Taylor barked in frustration at the man.  “Think a minute, for God’s
sake.  Why would we take such a chance?  The man lied.”
    “It seems to me the only fool is ye, since I’m holding the saber.  I’d watch what
names ye be callin’ me.”  He waved the saber menacingly before Taylor.
    Jalene cast Taylor a pleading glance.
    Taylor calmed himself.  “What did this man look like?”
    “None too tall, none too short.  Looked like most men.”
    “Did he have an irritating habit of rubbing his chin?” Jalene asked.
    “Nay, ‘twas nothing unusual about him.”
    “It had to be one of Donnegan’s men,” she told Taylor.
Taylor nodded.
    “Listen to me,” Taylor said to the dragoon.  “I’m Captain Taylor Traynor.  I’ve
been working for the government under Colonel Hume Cahill, investigating the
man who killed your friends.  You spoke to his cohort who fabricated the details.”
    “Maybe ye are who you say and maybe ye’re not.  We’ll just have to wait and see
until ye are brought before the magistrate.  I just catch ‘em.  I don’t judge ‘em.”
    “I’ll gladly talk to the authorities to clear this matter,” Taylor said.
    “Aye, ye’ll talk to the authorities for sure.  First, let’s get ye both properly
dressed.  Our prisoner escaped with help, whether it was yours or not.  Lucky for
ye,” he grinned at Jalene, “She left her trunk in the coach.”
    Momentarily ignoring his suggestion, Taylor asked, “Who was the woman?  
What had she done?”
    “Ye’re startin’ to get on me nerves.  Maybe I’ll just do away with ye to shut that
mouth of yers.”  The dragoon held the saber dangerously close to Taylor’s throat.
    “Please,” Jalene intervened, concerned that Taylor had angered this man beyond
rational thought.  “I’d really like to get to Dublin to clear up this whole affair.  Can
we just be on our way?”
Copyright 2016 Carol A. Caldwell All rights reserved.