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Skirmishes between the Army and Seminole
Indians near St. Augustine, Florida continue in 1837,
though less frequently. To remedy the problem, the
government offers to relocate the Indians. Some,
weary from years of fighting, accept the offer. Others
pledge to remain in Florida.

Megan Traynorindependent, strong-willed and
as fiery as her amber-colored eyes—is determined to
help her friend Osceola and his followers. A secret
passageway in her plantation home offers temporary
sanctuary until it is safe to flee to the Everglades.
She vows not to let anyone stand in her way.

Captain Stephen Savant—obstinate,
commanding and unyielding to reason—is charged
with rounding up all Indians for processing to Indian
Territory. This assignment is not merely duty for him;
it is sweet revenge for an Indian attack in which he
lost his wife and unborn child. He vows not to let
anyone stand in his way.

Their paths cross when Megan fails to rescue
Osceola from his prison cell at Fort Marion, and she
escapes. As Stephen attempts to prove she is
helping the Indians, their physical attraction grows to
love. It takes a tragedy to remind them good and evil
exist in all peoples.
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