Time Travel - The Female's Touch Short Stories
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Time Travel
Gabriela Aksurg enjoyed her job as a web designer, but yearned to fulfill a higher
purpose. While thumbing through her grandmother's post card album she is
transported back-in-time as The Female’s Touch. As a final courtesy for those
women who have passed on, she makes them look their best for viewing. In each
instance, she is also sent on a mission to unravel a mystery. Until the mystery is
solved she can’t return to her home on Lake of the Winds.
In this first story,
Gabriela is transported
back in time to Alope,
New Mexico where she
has been accused of
stealing a turquoise

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In short story #2,
Gabriela is transported
back in time to a castle
in Ireland.  Lord Elliott
insists his wife, Lady
Mary, did not commit
suicide. Unless proven
otherwise in three days
time, last rites cannot
be performed. Lady
Mary will not rest in
peace unless Gabriela
finds the real cause of
her death.

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In short story #3, once
, the post card
album and one particular
post card enable
Gabriela to be
transported back in time.
Caught in the middle of
the Civil War in
Vicksburg, Mississippi,
Gabriela's mission is to
escort the coffin with the
deceased, a woman
considered a spy for the
Union and a traitor to the
Confederacy, unharmed
to a steamboat that will
bring her home to her
final resting place in the

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Short story #4 The
California gold rush lured
people from all walks of
life to seek a fortune. For
some, it was to find gold
or die doing so. Gabriela
travels back in time to
discover panning for gold
is all that and more.

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Short story #5 Gabriela
tries on several occasions
to select the correct post
card that will catapult her
back in time. She fails on
every attempt. That is,
until she meets her
neighbor's nephew, Alex,
searching the nearby
woods for one of the
family cats. The three are
sent back to 1947 to
search for a killer coyote.

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This collection includes all the short stories
previously published and is best read in order to
prevent a spoiler. See below for more details
about each story.

    #1 The Turquoise Brooch
    #2 Black Rock Castle
    #3 Elizabeth Lowe's Last Ride
    #4 Days of Gold
    #5 Time Will Tell

All five stories begin in present day. When
Gabriela selects the right post card from her
grandmother's album, she is transported back-in-

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Author's Note: The cover image above was taken from a photo of the face of our grandfather clock. The
cover images below were taken from actual post cards sent between 1907 and 19