Time Travel - The Female's Touch Short Stories
Copyright 2017 Carol A. Caldwell All rights reserved.
Time Travel
Gabriela Aksurg yearned to fulfill some purpose in life, but she didn't know what.
While thumbing through her grandmother's post card album, she is suddenly
transported back in time and is about to learn exactly what that purpose is.

Author's Note: The images for the covers below were taken from actual post cards
sent between 1907 and 19
In this first story, Gabriela
is transported back in time
Alope, New Mexico where
she has been accused of
stealing a turquoise brooch.

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In short story #2, Gabriela
is transported back in time
to a castle in Ireland.  Lord
Elliott insists his wife, Lady
Mary, did not commit
suicide. Unless proven
otherwise in three days
time, last rites cannot be
performed. Lady Mary will
not rest in peace unless
Gabriela finds the real
cause of her death.

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In short story #3, once
, the post card album
and one particular post
card enable Gabriela to be
transported back in time.
Caught in the middle of the
Civil War in Vicksburg,
Mississippi, Gabriela's
mission is to escort the
coffin with the deceased, a
woman considered a spy
for the Union and a traitor
to the Confederacy,
unharmed to a steamboat
that will bring her home to
her final resting place in
the north.

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Short story #4 The
California gold rush lured
people from all walks of life
to seek a fortune. For
some, it was to find gold or
die doing so. Gabriela
travels back in time to
discover panning for gold is
all that and more.

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