Why the Pear?
Copyright 2018 Carol A. Caldwell All rights reserved.
While I do enjoy the taste of many of the variety of pears available these days, my
fondness goes far beyond eating them. My maiden name means pear in Polish. In
addition, my father used to tell me about the pear orchards his family owned
while he was growing up in Poland.

Since then, I often wondered if it was a coincidence they grew pear
trees, or if it was intentional because of the family name, or if the
name was born centuries ago from ancestors, who lived among the
pear orchards and were known as the Pear family.  Seriously, it could
have happened something like that.

Regretfully, I'll never know as my father, and the majority of the family in Poland have
passed on. When I could have learned more, I wasn't interested, nor did I think to ask.  I
plan to visit Poland one day, where I can find out a lot more about my roots. Who knows,
another time-travel or historical could come out of that adventure.

And so, besides the pear being the perfect fruit -- that is why the pear.

Travel - Read a Book - Eat a Pear.